Like a drink of cool water in the desert


MIRAGE hovers over the desert : a magnificent residence secluded in a luxuriantly planted garden. Its grounds, moats, and immense pool combine to make the property a welcome refuge from the heat.

Sheltering the villa from the sweltering Bahraini sun, a finely wrought copper sheet evokes the tented settlements of the region’s traditional nomadic merchants. Calligraphically sculpted stone, pillars, cupolas, and machrabiya lattice work further enhance the blend of sophisticated modernity and the echoes of a glorious past.

The glass surfacing of the terrace suggests a lake suspended between heaven and earth. Beneath its transparent surface, guests can admire a vast winter garden that occupies three levels, surmounted by a glass roof.

At nightfall, the alabaster walls, illuminated from within, diffuse a luminous glow. Mirage gently begins to reveal its subtle magic …

There’s nothing more enchanting than a mirage, especially if it proves to be a reality.

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