Palais de l'Impératrice

An irresistible revenant from the past


The year is 1772 and Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, is determined to build a residence in the gardens of Tsarkoïe-Selo that will be a paean to the glories of classical architecture.

She commissions Charles de Wailly, the most renowned French architect of the era. He passionately embraces the project and prepares eleven sketches, each a flawlessly beautiful miniature masterpiece.

The staggering costs of suppressing Pougatchev ‘s Cossack Rebellion in eastern Russia doom the project. Catherine is unable to make the extraordinary dream a reality.

Inspired by Charles de Wailly’s drawings, now in the Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg, COGEMAD has executed a vast 3 dimensional rendering of the project. It is embracing the challenge of reviving a historic vision after the lapse of three centuries.

Steeped in traditional expertise, employing eighteenth-century materials, our highly skilled specialists will strive to pay homage to the past and fulfill the Empress’s wishes at long last.

A fantasy ? Now the wish is granted...

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