Villa Belle Fontaine

A luxurious dwelling by the lake


Overlooking Lake Geneva and the wild loveliness of its mountainous setting, this site gave COGEMAD a chance to give free rein to its imagination, creating a unique property in harmony with its surroundings.

The heart of Villa Belle Fontaine is a crystalline cube that melds delicacy and monumentality.

A subtle amalgam of glass and steel gives a remarkable impression of levitation; water moves fluidly beneath your feet; boundaries dissolve; interior and exterior spaces commingle...

Designed as an extension of the indoor aquarium and winter garden, the outside pool is separated by a simple wall of glass. It too seems suspended between a haven of greenery and a world of exotic fish. Residents experience an extraordinary sense of immersion in these natural surroundings.

With its creative use of light and flawlessly balanced proportions, the villa gives a striking impression of spaciousness and serenity.

COGEMAD’s design captures the sensibility and spirit of Lake Geneva: tranquil, unspoiled, and evocative.

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