Villa Fleur d'Eau

Elegance and relaxation, overlooking a boundless horizon


Boldly conceived and drenched in light, the ultra-contemporary design of Villa Fleur d’Eau embraces 600 m² of living space and overlooks a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva, just minutes away from the cosmopolitan city.

Taking maximum advantage of its site, the villa is constructed on a gentle slope. The architecture melds subtly with its surroundings, seamlessly integrated into the environment rather than dominating the setting.

The infinity pool provides a visual link between the grounds and the villa, giving an appealing illusion of suspension and complementing the matchless vista. An array of thoughtfully designed features contribute to the property’s distinctively relaxed atmosphere, including a 70s-style game room, a luxurious wine cellar, and private screening room.

An unusual juxtaposition of volumes and materials enlivens the villa’s interior. Burgundy stone floors provide a sense of cool luminosity, contrasting with the striking metal structural elements in tones of natural brown.

The reception rooms boast immense windows overlooking the grounds. In the summertime, the boundaries between the interior and the landscape seem to dissolve, while in winter, sunlight floods these spaces, transforming the rooms into warmly sophisticated cocoons of comfort.

This project gave COGEMAD the ideal opportunity to expand its high-performance design concepts.

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